commission sheet shows the prices

Terms of Service


Above is a listing of the several commission tiers, from inked to full painting and the separation between head Torso and full body. Ink and flat are self explanatory. Simple shading is with shadow and a little bit light. Full lighting contains highlights, reflected and rimlight. Digital painting is Full lighting with a background. Y combination from flat shading with BG is also possible. Drawing female breasts with nipples adds 50€.


You can contact me over on Discord: mx2cNFC

Please tell me exactly what you want, give me references and a color palette. After the initial payment I will start on the lineart and show you what it looks like for you to feedback. When you’re satisfied I wait for your final payment.


Only through PayPal. You can use the pay button here on this page too. After your initial request you need to pay me the lineart price up front, 15 – 35€. After your satisfaction for the lineart I wait for you to pay me the full price for the final piece. I will not start working when I haven’t received the money.

Pay by using


If I am unable to finish the piece for whatever reason you will get a full refund. If you are okay with the lineart alone we can stop at that point. Meaning you get the Lineart as if you ordered it.

Will dos and won’t dos

I will do realistic transformations into animals, monsters and hybrids. Hulk like transformation where the character gets white eyes after getting angry.

I won’t do transformations into inanimate objects,like into cars, planes, chairs, pool toys etc; magical transformations where just some parts glow or it just poofs. I won’t do werewolves, vampires, TG or any tfs into copyrighted characters so no Pokémon or Mickey Mouse. When money is involved you can’t do that.


When people ask me if I could do this animation or that animation I always answer: Sure, for 6000€. If you can afford that amount I will do that animation IF I have a slot open. That is currently not the case, because of the horse.