The legend of Alan Talbor

It’s finally on everyone. TloAT is now available here as PDF for download. Every chapter separate. Just click on the image to go to the comics page.

Current project


Check out my current project now!

50% Saur

Project Name: Saur transformation 3D
Stage: Texturing
Texturing is the stage where the 3D-models get their skin. Textures are square images with a “power of 2” resolution like 1024×1024. I used 8192×8192 for him. He has s color texture for the skin-color, a normal map for the scales, a Subsurface Scattering texture for the parts where light penetrates the skin amd a roughness map for the wetness of his body. I usually paint them by hand.


The Saur transformation was my very first attempt in animating. I used GIMP to make an animated Gif out of an old comic from 2011. I didn’t expect that this video got so popular. With this project I want to thank everyone for giving me the opportunity to do 3D full-time. However, I will not copy the old video 1:1. You can see how he looks at 50% up there.


Be aware that this magazine is in german, so not for you english people.

Ein Magazin für Blender-Nutzer, die einmal wissen wollen, wie man einen Charakter baut vom Würfel bis zum posierbaren Charakter. Ein Interview von 2014, welches ich übersetzt habe, kurze Übersicht auf Blender 2.80 Beta und was Driver sind und tun. Der Preis ist nur Deko.