The legend of Alan Talbor

It’s finally on everyone. TloAT is now available here as PDF for download. Every chapter separate. Just click on the image to go to the comics page.

Current project


Horse transformation, Commissions, Merch and NSFW

Hello everyone. I have several new announcements to make. The poll on Patreon has decided that the next animation will be a horse transformation. I will make one regular YouTube one and an NSFW version for Patreon only. NSFW has been part of my drawing and transformation carrer for a long time and it is hard to publish. Luckily there is now a 25$ section on Patreon where I can post this kind of art. NSFW includes basic pornography, and horror themes like visible intestines. This section is for adults only.

I created some Merch over at Teespring. Visit the Stahlflower shop to get Shirts, tees, cups and stickers.

I will start commissions where you can get a drawing/painting from simple lineart to full paintings.


Be aware that this magazine is in german, so not for you english people.

Ein Magazin für Blender-Nutzer, die einmal wissen wollen, wie man einen Charakter baut vom Würfel bis zum posierbaren Charakter. Ein Interview von 2014, welches ich übersetzt habe, kurze Übersicht auf Blender 2.80 Beta und was Driver sind und tun. Der Preis ist nur Deko.