Mainly done with Blender from 2.70-3.1.

Saur TF (2014)
Snakle TF (2016)
Weredog Tf (2017)
Angry Dragon TF (2019)
Dragon TF Cel style (2019)
The Saur Transformation (2019)
Blackbird (2020)
Horse TF (2021)
Sabing Gryph TF (2021)
Pregnant Dragoon TF (2022)

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About the race

The world of TIMES inhabits a wide variety of animal-humans. From regular animal based TIMES like tortoises and dinosaurs, over more phantasy based creatures like gryphons and werewolves to complete new creations like Mul, and Orjen-Saur, TIMES is an umbrella term for all creatures that were modified with human DNA in some way.

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