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50% Saur

Project Name: Saur transformation 3D
Stage: Texturing
Texturing is the stage where the 3D-models get their skin. Textures are square images with a “power of 2” resolution like 1024×1024. I used 8192×8192 for him. He has s color texture for the skin-color, a normal map for the scales, a Subsurface Scattering texture for the parts where light penetrates the skin amd a roughness map for the wetness of his body. I usually paint them by hand.


The Saur transformation was my very first attempt in animating. I used GIMP to make an animated Gif out of an old comic from 2011. I didn’t expect that this video got so popular. With this project I want to thank everyone for giving me the opportunity to do 3D full-time. However, I will not copy the old video 1:1. You can see how he looks at 50% up there.