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Anaconda TF

After the Horse took so long i decided that my next project is again something I want to make. My snake TF I made long ago never satisfyed me so I am remaking it into a proper Anaconda transformation

The 33% version WIP
I fit the scales to match the 66% model. Takes forever.
I have to scale all scales individually. And when some merge i have to remake them.
Have to get the scales right. had some misplaced.

Newest Entry

About the race

The world of TIMES inhabits a wide variety of animal-humans. From regular animal based TIMES like tortoises and dinosaurs, over more phantasy based creatures like gryphons and werewolves to complete new creations like Mul, and Orjen-Saur, TIMES is an umbrella term for all creatures that were modified with human DNA in some way.


Be aware that this magazine is in german, so not for you english people.

Ein Magazin für Blender-Nutzer, die einmal wissen wollen, wie man einen Charakter baut vom Würfel bis zum posierbaren Charakter. Ein Interview von 2014, welches ich übersetzt habe, kurze Übersicht auf Blender 2.80 Beta und was Driver sind und tun. Der Preis ist nur Deko.